Thursday, February 24, 2011

Digital Drifting

After sitting in a session at ITSC (Instructional Technology Strategies Conference) in Portland, OR, a term hit me across the side; "personal transparency". So I asked myself, am I transparent digitally? Easy answer, not really. Second question, do I have knowledge and experiences to share? Again easy answer, yep. I share them all the time with local teachers. Why not practice digital transparency and share them virtually? Thus the start of "Digital Drifting".

Some of the posts will be fast paced, as it will seem we are drifting through white water. While others will be casual. Causing us to stop, reflect, or possibly enjoy life as if drifting down a lazy current. Yet others may appear we are in a little rapids for the first time ever causing our adrenaline to increase. And after a few rides through similar rapids we learn to be at ease with this type of technology.

I hope to share stories of seamless integrated technology into the classroom. I hope to share resources and pose questions seeking ideas. I hope to share struggles and attempts, unsuccessful and successful, at working through them. I hope that whatever the post, it will offer you time to learn something new or validate what is in existence causing an increase in your ability to perform your job.

Enjoy the drift through digital experiences.