Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Great New Features on Google Classroom!

Those of you that have started using Google Classroom need to check out the new features!  These are things that often came up in trainings this Fall as "wishes" for easier classroom management... the first being the ability to control who can and can't post to the stream!

Options include:  Students can post and comment, Students can only comment, or only teacher can post and comment.  This action can be done for individual students by checking the box next to their name or choosing the whole class. 

The second added feature is the ability for a student to choose to turn in an assignment without having an actual file to upload by choosing "Mark as Done".    This means, no more "late" assignments for items such as "read pages 120 - 130 in the text and be ready to discuss tomorrow in class".  Once done, they can mark that they have finished that item.  During earlier fall trainings before this was possible, we suggested posting these kind of assignments as an announcement.  The downfall of that is that it wouldn't show up in their list of upcoming assignments, but the benefit was they wouldn't end up with a list of "late" assignments since their was nothing to digitally turn in! This resolves that.  Awesome!

Other features added - the ability to go back and look at comments that were deleted.  Also being able to download a csv for all assignments at once, not just one and the ability to sort their list of students by first or last name.   These added features make this tool even more powerful in the classroom.  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Youtube in the Classroom!

What is the value of Youtube in the classroom?

What Can Youtube Do?
  • View and Subscribe to Channels
    • Task:  Subscribe to Two Channels you would find useful.  
  • Upload (Private, Public, Unlisted)
    • Task:  Upload a Video (if you have one available or take a quick on 
and upload on your iPad)
  • Edit in Video Manager or Capture App
    • Task:  Play with the Editing Features
  • Create Playlists and Share Playlists 

Want a Clean Video Viewing Experience Without All the Ads?

What to Use Youtube for Beyond Watching as a Whole Class
  • Upload Student Projects (Private or Unlisted)
  • Upload your own “Khan” Videos for students   
  • Post short videos to class sites like Edmodo or a classroom blog for 
those students who were absent, need a refresher, or a video that expands on 
what was done in class. Post from Our Blog from a Middle School Teacher
  • Use Teachem or to create questions and note taking with video clips 
  • you capture from Youtube - students interact with the video!  

Want to “Chop Up” a Youtube Video for a Smaller Video to Post?

Alternatives to Youtube to Find Video Content

Monday, September 8, 2014

Google Classroom - Yes it's up and going!

Google Classroom rolled out a few weeks ago, creating a mad rush to check it out before students walked through the doors.  All schools in our region have it under their Google Apps for Education domain.  

A few things to remember as you explore and or look to roll it out with students.  The teacher and student must BOTH use their school google domain.  If you are unsure of what your school google is or would like to set up a time to have one of us go over it with you, please contact us!  We are available to help. 

For our schools in the region rolling out chromebooks, this is an invaluable tool.  It takes the time of setting up numerous shared folder systems with all the students and makes it a one stop place!  The best part?  Automatic folder creation and organizing.  Even better?  Automatic file naming! 

Not sure how you might use this is your classroom?  Check out this blog post from Alice Keeler on Teacher Tech "20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom".