Thursday, May 5, 2016

Often Overlooked When Using Google - Templates!

With all the updates to many of the Google tools, many of us miss out on the templates that docs, slides, etc.. have to offer.  

How did you miss them?  That's easy!  Many of us access docs, slides, forms all through our Google Drive.  When we do this, a new document just pops up and is ready to type.  If we open our new document or slide through the icon in the app (or waffle) menu near your name in the upper right hand corner you will find an amazing library of already created templates!

Tip:  Make sure to click the "MORE" in the right hand corner to check them all out!

These templates are available in forms, sheets, docs, and slides.

Why not just start from scratch?  If you are new to the tool or in a time crunch and need a quick exit ticket, using the template of the form allows you to simply change the words and push it out to students.  If students are working on a project and the many different fonts, funky colors, and wonky visually unappealing presentations are eating at you, have them start with a template and discuss the graphic design of the template that makes it more visually appealing.  Have fun exploring the templates!