Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Adobe Voice is now Spark and it is on the Desktop!

With the latest update to Adobe Voice, the tried and true video creator for the iPad that our teachers have loved has become changed names and added browser access. 

Adobe Voice is now Adobe Spark and the browser allows teachers to use their chromebooks and desktops to create awesome multimedia projects with their students.

The one link: spark.adobe.com  gives students free access to creating videos with voice narration, graphic images, and easy flowing pages to create web stories that are shareable via links and through social media to add to your teaching tool box!
The apps are still there, just the names have changed and updated.  If you have iPads these are must have apps for any grade level:
I created a recap of my BreakoutEDU sessions quickly through the desktop version to try out the features...just like the apps, it is clean, easy to use, and no ads!