Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to create a link inside your blog post

I’ve read a few blog posts recently and decided to create a short entry on an overview of creating and internalizing links.

Simple Steps to create a link:

  • Begin be creating your blog post, and write about a particular topic
  • In a second browser window navigate to the webpage you want to link to from your blog post
  • Copy the URL of that page, as this will keep what’s copied in your clipboard.  In my example to a particular post about Pinterest in Education.
  • Back on your authoring page, type what you want the readers to associate with as your link.
  • Highlight those words, and with the words highlighted find the link button
  • Paste in the URL appropriately
  • The words you highlighted should now be linkable words taking readers to a new online location
  • Post your blog entry

  • Below is an example of a blog post creating a link

    Somtimes it may be nice to see the entire URL as a link, if the intent is for your audience to learn the URL lingo, like .  As a rule you want to type in a word for the reader linking them directly to the website, like Pinterest.  Remember readers probably don't want to read but rather "Pinterest in Education"