Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Frame Artist with Templates Pro

It's always nice to come across a great app that can be used with creation activities.  Frame Artist with Templates Pro is one of those apps.  You can create newsletters, calendars, cards, magazine pages, and much more.  There are many choices within the app to embed your own characteristics on your created documents.

You begin by creating a template from a grid, say 5x5 set of blocks.  Next, merge blocks together to form your template and region. Like shown in the image blow where I've merged two sections of cells into larger blocks.  Inside each cell you can insert pictures, text, or stickers.  Yes, text may also go on pictures, rotated, re-sized, and more.  After the insertion you can format text with fonts and colors, format the cells, and format the background.  When finished share with many of the online communities, or simply save it to your photo gallery.

The app does come in a lite and Pro version.  For a limited time only, the Pro version is free.  Have students create trading cards of themselves, recipe cards for Mothers Day, magazine pages for a research topic, or a calendar page containing photos demonstrating a progression of a science project.