Thursday, November 7, 2013

InCtrl - Empowering Students in a Digital Age

Here is a nice resource you can use to begin your digital citizenship discussions with your upper elementary and middle school classes from Cable in the Classroom, Be InCntrl!

They offer seven Lessons, which are basically units containing 3-5 half hour lessons.

  • Working Together Digitally
  • Living in a Digital World
  • Your Digital Footprint: Leaving a Mark
  • Media: Between the Lines
  • Stand Up ... Be InCtrl!
  • What's Mind Isn't (Necessarily) Yours
  • In-Credibly Informed

Each Lesson offers a Teacher version of the video, Student version of the video,  and Lesson Materials with Activities which include ready to use printable documents for your class.  Objectives are include along with an estimated time for each section, list of vocabulary terms, engaging questions to ask, and an outlined project. 

The activities provide high level creation opportunities for the students.  For example students create a "Stop the Drama!" campaign which includes writing and distributing a survey for others to complete, analyzing the responses, and putting together a reflection about the findings.  InCtrl provides ideas, links, and resources for all the activities.  All activities are aligned to common core.

This is a great resource you can use to integrate digital citizenship topics into your curriculum.