Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CC Betterlesson - Aligned 'Road Tested' Lesson Plans

Need fresh ideas for your 6th graders in geometry?  Looking for supplements for your old textbook adoption to help you through the Common Core aligning?

Better Lesson in conjunction with NEA just rolled out the beta version of their new site cc.betterlesson.com on Jan 15th.  This site will continue to grow in free resources as the 138 teachers chosen, ranging from K - 12,  work together to complete a Common Core aligned courses for each area throughout this school year.


Each Standard will show the number of lessons that have already been uploaded for use.  

Easy to use lessons give the teacher an initial overview along with number of resources.  Lessons give time details, samples of student work, as well as possible video explanations, and/or reflections.


This is an impressive beginning to what will hopefully continue to be a growing resource.