Friday, January 9, 2015

Effective Strategies for Next Generation Assessments



Getting Started

  • Table Group Introductions
  • Four Things About My Journey

Today's Objective 

 Each participant will experience Smarter Balance Testing environment to better understand what students will need in order to be successful, then create lessons/resources to be used with their classroom as soon as tomorrow.  


"The average child asks 100 questions a day.  By the time the is 11 or 12 he or she has figured out that it's much more important to get right answers than to keep asking thoughtful questions" - Tony Wagner from the book Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World


  • DOK Padlet 
  • DOK Quick Check   
  • What level of DOK is this question?

Smarter Balance Assessment Environment

After Lunch Exploration ... more coming later


Part 1:
 Explore resources below or others that are shared in your table groups
and find 3 or 4 resources/lessons/performance tasks/assessments that
you can implement with students.

Part 2:  Fill in your plan while looking through the resources.

Resource Links:

Additional Resources:

Final Reflections and Take Aways

PDU and Evaluation