Friday, April 25, 2014

Virtually Attending a Tech Conference Using Twitter

Twitter is a great resource to obtain information shared by millions of others from all over the world.  Conferences are great events to visit as you network with peers in your profession.  However, they can be costly for many of us.  I say check out conferences via Twitter.

Most conferences have a Twitter hashtag.  The conversations shared and resources provided are endless.  You can take part in these conversations whether you are at the conference or not; or simply kick back and peruse through the posts as they scroll by.

What if you aren't a Twitter user?  No problem, you can still read through all the posts by accessing Twitter search at and searching for the hashtag of interest.

A great instructional strategies conference I’ve attended for several years is IntegratED in Portland, OR, usually held in late February.  The hashtag they use is #ipdx14.

If you were to search through #ipdx14 feeds you would find the following:

  • A post referencing the IntegratED environment
    I love that everyone has same name badge (no difference for presenters) Sends message we are ALL here to learn and share

Find a conference and follow the hashtag in Twitter, or go back and review the feed afterwards.  There are great opportuntities to learn new ideas towards improving your craft. At a fraction of the cost to physically attend.

Other hashtags of conferences