Friday, May 30, 2014

EDpuzzle : An Interactive Video Resource

A lesson containing a video I've facilitated many of times typically went like this:  teacher will project the video in front of the class as the entire class watches the video, with those in back squinting because they forgot their glasses, in a darkened room because the lumens on a projector aren't strong enough to provide a bright enough video thus students start nodding.  Wake up I say. 

What about assigning videos that are interactive, where students watch them at their own pace with periodic engaging questions and activities throughout the video? 

EDpuzzle is one of several online free tools that allow teachers to create these video environments for their students.

Teachers can choose to import videos from a wide range of websites hosting videos, or even upload your own video if you show choose.

Whichever video you select, you are do not need to force the students to watch the entire video, but just the portion that is meaningful for your lesson using the crop tool.

You may insert your own audio intro and/or concluding remarks at the end of the video.  Maybe you would like to record over a video using your own voice.  This creates a more personalized feel of the video for your students.

You may insert questions, either multiple choice or free response, at any point within the video.  These questions can be self grading, or graded at the end by the teacher.

Teachers set up a class, then students create an account and join the class.  The teacher assigns video tasks to the class, and students in that class complete those tasks.  All work is saved so the teacher can monitor student understanding and progress through the material.

For a higher engaging type of assignment teachers can have students find a video themselves and use the appropriate tools, crop, add audio, or embed questions to demonstrate their understanding of a topic and submit this finished video back to the teacher.  The teacher can then save this video into their My Video section, and share it back out with the rest of the class.

EDpuzzle is a great tool if you are looking to flip your classroom, or just to provide more engaging personalization of videos for students in your regular classroom.  Teachers can embed their video lessons onto other platforms, including Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, and more.

Another interactive video resource to check out would be eduCanon.