Monday, September 8, 2014

Google Classroom - Yes it's up and going!

Google Classroom rolled out a few weeks ago, creating a mad rush to check it out before students walked through the doors.  All schools in our region have it under their Google Apps for Education domain.  

A few things to remember as you explore and or look to roll it out with students.  The teacher and student must BOTH use their school google domain.  If you are unsure of what your school google is or would like to set up a time to have one of us go over it with you, please contact us!  We are available to help. 

For our schools in the region rolling out chromebooks, this is an invaluable tool.  It takes the time of setting up numerous shared folder systems with all the students and makes it a one stop place!  The best part?  Automatic folder creation and organizing.  Even better?  Automatic file naming! 

Not sure how you might use this is your classroom?  Check out this blog post from Alice Keeler on Teacher Tech "20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom".