Saturday, October 4, 2014

Youtube in the Classroom!

What is the value of Youtube in the classroom?

What Can Youtube Do?
  • View and Subscribe to Channels
    • Task:  Subscribe to Two Channels you would find useful.  
  • Upload (Private, Public, Unlisted)
    • Task:  Upload a Video (if you have one available or take a quick on 
and upload on your iPad)
  • Edit in Video Manager or Capture App
    • Task:  Play with the Editing Features
  • Create Playlists and Share Playlists 

Want a Clean Video Viewing Experience Without All the Ads?

What to Use Youtube for Beyond Watching as a Whole Class
  • Upload Student Projects (Private or Unlisted)
  • Upload your own “Khan” Videos for students   
  • Post short videos to class sites like Edmodo or a classroom blog for 
those students who were absent, need a refresher, or a video that expands on 
what was done in class. Post from Our Blog from a Middle School Teacher
  • Use Teachem or to create questions and note taking with video clips 
  • you capture from Youtube - students interact with the video!  

Want to “Chop Up” a Youtube Video for a Smaller Video to Post?

Alternatives to Youtube to Find Video Content