Friday, March 4, 2011

Giggle It -

The Giggle It project is hosting a contest aimed to inspire young writers to express themselves with a twist of humor. This project is sponsored by International Association of School Librarians and International Children's Digital Library. Projects this year include creating a class story analogous to Snow White reflecting the culture of your home town, including characters for snow white and all the dwarfs. Individuals can create a personal logo, an individual haiku, or a travel poster.

Content and ideas target children ages 10-14, as children of that age are beginning to develop a strong sense of reading. These writers are also beginning to express their creativity in written work. Most ideas integrate some type of humor engaging attentiveness for all readers. A teacher will need to create an account for their class. This way all work shared and uploaded is not linked back to a student, allowing for a cybersafe experience.

The international audience of Giggle It projects allows teachers to examine the relevance of word choice by the students work. Authors need to step back and think of who are their readers, at times providing definition of culturally relevant words so that other online readers will understand the humor associated with word choice.

Giggle It aims for students to learn and promote international understandings using a bit of humor.

Give Giggle It a look over, read through past projects, and join to participate in this years project. View this Giggle It Voicethread for a Web2.0 look at this online resource.