Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Inspire Update

Teachers in our region adopted Promethean Boards and Active Inspire into their classrooms. As any software updates are pushed out every so often. Active Inspire recently updated their software consisting of a change to the interface used when creating learning response questions. After using the new interface it's been a resounding opinion to adopt this update for teachers creating Active Expression or Active Votes lessons.

The old six step wizard would allow a person to make a selection and click "next" after each section. At times it was click "next" "next" "next" repeatedly to create questions. This new wizard is an intuitive interface which provides choices based on your selection. See for yourself:

How to create one question:

How to create a self paced set of questions:

How to create math fluency activity (mad math minutes):

Note: to Update your Inspire software click Help menu - Check for updates. Be sure to also update the Active Driver.