Friday, March 18, 2011

Telescopic Text

The example at Telescopic Text demonstrates how one can take a sentence like

and using a few clicks with some additional words begin unfolding this sentence into a more descriptive one, like

You will need to go to Telescopic Text to see this fully unfolded, as the author expands the original sentence into a very picturesque paragraph. Click on a highlighted word or phrase to unfold that portion.

Try writing one yourself at You will first type your sentence into a dialog box that looks like

Once you have your sentence, click on the word you want to unfold and then click "insert" like

You will need to create an account to save your finished work.

Teachers can use this online resource in their classroom and have students expand a simple sentence into something more descriptive. Using one computer two or three students could take turns adding their unfolding thoughts. You could create a contest, beginning with one simple sentence, and determine the best finished products.

This could be a motivating opportunity to encourage students on becoming more descriptive writers.